The guitar which can be heard on the CD "Virtuoso Music of the Early Romanticism" for guitar and flute was made by Bernhard Kresse in 1996 after Johann Georg Stauffers "Legnani Model" (around 1830).

The viennese guitar maker Johann Georg Stauffer (1778 - 1853), who also invented the arpeggione, a six-stringed musical instrument, fretted and tuned like a guitar, but bowed like a cello, contributed with his instruments to a musical history which generated a rich repertoire for the guitar in solo and chamber music. At this time virtuosos like Mauro Giuliani, resident in Vienna for more than a decade, helped to put the guitar on the map of the European musical life.

The sound of Stauffers guitars fits extremely well into small chamber music groups with flute and/or strings giving them the unique caracter of early nineteenth century music.