Paulino Bernabé(1932-2007) has been considered as one of the most brilliant guitar makers of all times. After having studied classical guitar with Daniel Fortea, a pupil of Francísco Tárrega, P.B. began his career in the workshop of Ramirez, which he directed until 1970, the year he started his own business.

In 1973 P.B. built his first guitar for Narciso Yepes, which the maestro played until the end of his life. In 1974 the luthier won the gold medal at the International Trade Fair for Craft Trades in Munich. Today his son of the same name (*1960) is the head of the workshop.

The interview with Paulino Bernabé (father) was made in 1998 in Madrid and it has been published in the German guitar magazin Gitarre&Laute 1/1999. The photos were made by the Spanish photographer Juan José Delgado.

Thomas Karstens plays three instruments made by Paulino Bernabé: A spruce top guitar from 1992, a cedar top guitar from 1984 and a model after Torres´ »La Suprema« from 2011. These three instruments can be heard on the CD »The guitar is different«.